It is very important to get enough fiber to keep our blood sugar balanced so we don't get unbalanced, feel hungry, have headaches, cravings and feel tired.

What happens a lot of time when people begin this journey, is they skimp on the veggies or choose just starchy veggies.

This can cause us to crash easily.

Veggies help give us energy and when you do not eat enough, but you eat enough protein, you will feel tired and sluggish and may get a headache.

The nice thing about the shakes as meal replacements, is you get what you need for that meal, but for your non-shake meals, we need to make sure you are getting your 3 servings of veggies.

We need about 24g or more of fiber per day. Look how much fiber is in these servings of raw veggies and evaluate if you are eating enough servings of veggies.

1 cup of spinach  1g fiber
1 cup of romaine lettuce 1 fiber
1/2 cup of asparagus 3g fiber
1 cup of cucumbers 1g fiber
1 cup of kale 1g fiber
1 cup of celery 2g fiber
1 cup of cauliflower 3g fiber
1 cup of broccoli 2g fiber
1 cup of Brussels sprouts 3g fiber
1 cup of bell peppers 3g fiber

If you do two Isagenix shakes, as an example, (both whey & non-dairy), you will get 16g of fiber, so you need to think about what you will have at your non-shake meal to total 24g or more.

If you are not doing shakes, you need to really work on making sure each meal has about 8g of fiber.

Cooked veggies are condensed and will contain more fiber. Like 1 cup of cooked spinach has 3g of fiber, BUT, much of the important nutrients are cooked out, so unless you have been advised by me to only eat cooked veggies/fruits, try to do raw as much as possible. Steamed and grilled veggies tend to hold on to more nutrients.

Thinking about eating 8 cups of spinach to get in your veggie intake sounds like a lot, so I encourage you for your salads to invest in an OXO chopper. They are so nice because you can literally chop down 10 cups of spinach to 2 cups. It also helps mix in your protein/fats into the spinach so each bite has a yummy in it instead of eating tons of spinach alone.

You can get one at amazon at this link.  OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper And Bowl

So add it up and see how you are doing on your veggie intake. It could be a great clue in the detective process as to how you are feeling and could be the game changer in feeling better and losing fat.