Thanksgiving Tip #1
Avoid the “all or nothing” mentality.

You know what I am talking about: “wellllll, I might as well just eat whatever I want since it’s going to be SO hard to stay tight during the holidays.”

My solution is not to stay “so tight” but instead to use moderation.

Eat your lean protein and fiber first to get your insulin balanced, then If you have a few bites of pumpkin cheesecake, do just that– 3-5 bites–instead of letting a

a couple of bites turn into a couple of pieces (screw it!) and then let that turn into a couple of days of eating whatever, at which point you adopt the mindset of, forget it, I am already off it, I will just get back on it January 1st.

By January 1st, we could be talking about 5-10 lbs of water and fat that will be just that much harder to get off, when if you had just gotten your mind right during the holidays, you wouldn’t have to worry about.

There is no room in the fat loss lifestyle for, “well, I already messed up, I might as wait until Monday/January 1st to get started back.” You are either operating at a higher or lower percentage, but you are always moving forward.
Fix it at your next meal.

So, if you have a couple of bites of cake, leave it at that, workout the next day, prep your meals, eat fat loss friendly and have a few more bites at the next family gathering.

Don't be controlled by food (Fear Of Miss Out - FOMO), but don't deprive yourself either. Allow small preemptive cheats through the Holidays!

Thanksgiving Tip #2
Prioritize exercise! All you need is 20 minutes!

When you engage in intense exercise (weight training in particular), your body is primed to build muscle and your cells are more sensitive to insulin.

Meaning, that when you indulge in the hours following a tough workout, there is less of a chance those calories and carbs will go towards fat storage. Instead, they will help with muscle repair and growth.

For Thanksgiving day, be sure to get a workout, preferably involving the legs to maximize the use of consumed calories thereafter.

Also, choose intensity (HIIT/weights) over the duration (running, for example, is a duration paced exercise) because more intense workouts will extend the “after-burn” effect of the workout, meaning an elevated metabolism for longer.

In addition, it would be wise to engage in a leisurely walk within an hour after a big meal.

This will also help with calorie control and energy usage.

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Thanksgiving Tip #3
Choose your beverages wisely.

Alcohol is big around the holidays and when it comes to adult beverages, there are definitely some options that are better than others.

However, when it comes to alcohol, the #1 key is moderation, because no matter what option you choose, if you over-consume, it won’t matter anyway.

So keep it to a couple of drinks max. Here are your best choices for beverages:

​Vodka & club soda: Soda has 0 cals, 0 carbs, extra lime, please!

Gin & diet tonic (made with stevia or xylitol)

Red wine: At least you are getting a little antioxidant action

Low-sugar eggnog: You can make your own with xylitol—remember the fat from yolks is better than sugar!

Sugar-free mojito (made with xylitol)

Explanation of some Fat Loss Friendly Sweeteners:

Xylitol is extracted from the fiber of the plant. and is a naturally occurring carbohydrate and it also naturally occurs in our bodies as well. Dentists use it to protect our teeth. It won't raise your blood sugar and the only side effects that can happen is you could get bloating or the runs if you consume too much too soon. You may need to start with small amounts so your digestive system can adapt to the fiber content.

Erythritol is extracted from certain lichens and algae and naturally occurs in pears, watermelon, grapes, and wine. It will not raise your insulin either and like xylitol, the only side effects known are also the runs or bloating, but it tends to be more gentle on your stomach than xylitol because it does not have fiber.

Stevia comes naturally from plant leaves. So these sweeteners will be recognized in your body and not seen as a toxin and most tend to do very well with this kind of sweetener with no side effects. Some forms may have an aftertaste similar to artificial sweeteners.

Thanksgiving Tip #4
Three Big Bites of Dessert.

This is a suggestion for when you are at dinners and parties (not in between). If you want dessert, look at the desserts available with a critical eye.

It can be pretty disappointing indulging in a dessert that sucks.

So be mindful to choose the one you want most.

And if none look good, skip it altogether.

Have a discerning palate when it comes to dessert  :) Then, eat 3 bites only.

How big is a bite?

I don’t care, just stop at 3.  :)

More than anything, this is a practice in mindfulness and also moderation.

I guarantee you’ll be just as satisfied with 3 huge bites as you will with the whole thing.

Besides, usually we barely taste it after the first couple bites anyway.

AND, eating a small amount of something you are craving satisfies the craving, rather than depriving to the point of eventual severe overindulgence.

Thanksgiving Tip #5
Play “Dessert Defense”.

Bring your own waist-line-friendly dessert so that you have plenty of health(ier) treats for yourself, even if no one else like them  :) 

For chocolate lovers, a Flour-less Chocolate Cake is awesome and for pumpkin pie lovers, a low carb Pumpkin Pie .

You can still use the bite rule for not so fat loss friendly desserts, but I like bringing my own so I can eat a bit more!

Having something you know is safe is key to staying on track, especially if you like sweets like me.
Thanksgiving Tip #6
Drink plenty of post-meal water.

Drink tons of water and eat tons of fibrous veggies after your Thanksgiving meal.

This is super-important, and I recommend beginning with it immediately after the meal, drinking 2-3 liters of water between the meal and bedtime. Between sodium, alcohol and additional starch, you are going to wake-up puffy.

So, additional water after the meal and the next day will help balance sodium and increase excretion so as to help shed water. Insulin, released as a result of carb, also causes water retention at the level of the kidney so this is a double whammy, and on top of alcohol’s dehydrating effects, you may or may not have sausage fingers when you wake up (My fellow ladies, you know what I am talking about!) 
Thanksgiving Tip #7
Don't skip any meals prior to your Thanksgiving Meal!
(or any day actually, read how it actually works against fat loss)

When you fast or skip a meal or meals, several things happen to set you up to make not so good choices.

First, you become hungry.

The minute you feel hunger, your insulin has dropped low, your hormones have become out of whack and your body is signaled to begin storing fat. Your body is built for survival, not dieting, so if it feels deprived, it will begin holding on to fat.

When your insulin drops low, your body wants to do everything possible to raise it back up and you suddenly begin craving starch and sugar because your body knows that will raise it up faster than protein and fiber. The problem is you use every ounce of will power to hold out for Thanksgiving dinner so by now, your blood sugar is so low you might be on the verge of hurting people rather than being thankful.

When the Thanksgiving meal begins, you begin filling yourself with starches first like rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, Grandma's green fluffy whipped cream jello stuff and desserts because you just want to feel good quickly. Your body does NOT care what you eat to do that and will push you to choose those foods.

Your insulin has now shot up super high but has little to no protein and fiber to balance it out, so it drops super low shortly after and you go for the starch and sugar again, and then it becomes this vicious roller coaster of continuous eating that really never ends until you wake up the next morning with your food baby. All that comfort food has now made you feel beyond uncomfortable.

Then let's say you do a hard workout on an empty stomach on top of all the fasting. First, most likely, that high calorie-burning workout will have burned precious lean muscle that helps us burn more fat.

You will also lose water rather than fat if you don't eat before or after the workout AND your body will overcompensate even more at Thanksgiving meal. Your overeating will outdo any possible good that might have come from that workout.

Let's set up ourselves to enjoy our meal, succeed and not feel miserable at a time of the year we should be feeling great, thankful and blessed, physically, mentally and spiritually. PLUS, what a great example you can be to those around you. You want them to feel good too!

So let's review how to combat all of this:

1. Eat your breakfast, protein, and fiber, think Protein Shake or Vegetable Omelet, or Eggs and Fruit with a little bit of oatmeal.

2. If your Thanksgiving is at dinner time, have a Protein Shake or a grilled chicken salad for your lunch.

3. Eat or snack before or after your workout.

4. At your Thanksgiving Meal, eat your protein and fiber/veggies first, wait for a little, then have your starch/sugar. This will keep you balanced throughout the meal.

5. Drink 3 liters or more of water, the best time is after your meal.

6. Don't overthink everything, get caught up in numbers or live in guilt, fear or anything that is not a fruitful spirit. Do the best you can do with the knowledge you have and you will do great and have the best day ever 

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