Amy Switzer Sunday, 2/28/16, 4:05 PM
The Fit by Faith Program has helped me make an essential mind set switch that is allowing me adopt a fat-loss lifestyle, instead of just focusing on short term results from a cookie cutter one-size fits all program. This program offers participants a chance to enrol in an educational course on your body- how your metabolism works and responds to various factors and how these impact your ability to lose fat. I loved learning how to become a detective of my own body. Very versatile program with day plan options that fit any lifestyle. I also love how the program takes all factors concerning fat loss into account -stress, sleep, eating and exercise. It just makes sense. Krista is very attentive, knowledgable, and fun to work with.
From: Strathroy
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Mandi Saturday, 2/27/16, 1:55 PM
For me, AWARENESS has been one of the greatest benefits of the class. It has been such a blessing to take the time to invest/focus on my health and habits and make changes. The logs have helped me listen better to my body and pay more attention to how different foods and exercise uniquely affects me. I so ENJOYED the ELEL phase and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could also see great results while not working as hard. I need to make sure that I am continue to use the daily walks, stretching, relaxing activities in my weekly schedule. I feel like my hormones have been more balanced this month (even noticed that my PMS and pain during cycle was notably less than normal) and I have felt more relaxed overall. Based on my results, I would also like to try the Isagenix cleanse sometime soon. Isagenics shake and snack products have been a huge help with my compliance because they satisfy my sweet tooth and curb cravings. The shakes also make healthy choices so much more convenient since I typically struggle with eating as much protein as I would like. I am super happy with the results I started to see within the first week of starting and I can see and feel a HUGE difference after 4 weeks. I noticed this week that my pants fit differently. I love the quote Krista posted about focusing on the change and results will come....I have always believed that and taken that approach to exercise and fitness. I can testify that this principle holds true...God had to transform my heart first, to usher in true life change. The results then motivate continued commitment to healthy choices. I highly recommend this program - I loved it!
From: Moore
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Dana Roth Sunday, 1/31/16, 5:01 PM
From: Sharpsville, PA
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Betty Carruth Sunday, 1/31/16, 8:59 AM
The program helped give me a jump start on my weight loss. I am very grateful for the information that I gained from this Program. I have lost a total of 15 pounds. I am working out On a average of 5 days a week. I am so thankful for the investment that Krista Johnson put in me. I learned the correct Way to eat and to really love myself for whom I am. I continue to Make strides to be a healthier me. Thank you Jesus and Krista Johnson for helping me get started and move forward. God Bless you.
From: Early, TX
Web Site: Betty Carruth
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Sarah Litman Sunday, 1/31/16, 6:38 AM
As I approached my mid 40's, my metabolism started slowing down & I began putting on weight. What I knew to take off the weight wasn't working so I turned to Krista. She taught me so much about nutrition and what works for me. I also began to understand how to change my workouts to work with my new knowledge of nutrition and achieve my goals. I feel so much better - more energy, sleep better, and overall just happier with myself.
From: Ohio
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Diana Angerstein Saturday, 1/30/16, 1:47 PM
What a blessing this program has been. So easy to grasp and definitely something you can practice for life!
From: Texas
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