This is the Herbalife. ​​

It has 2 artificial sweeteners. Acesulfame P and Suclarose (Splenda) to top it off it is not only soy-based but soy isolate, which if you read "What you don't want in your protein shake" is the worst of the worst of protein.

They advertise they add stevia, but their base mix contains these artificial sweeteners. I have had many clients use this shake for a long time with big results at first, and then regaining back later or little to no results and thyroid issues. 

The second ingredient is vegetable oil?

People will lose weight with these kinds of protein shakes at first because anytime you go from Fast food and junk to a protein shake or reduce calories, you will naturally lose, but you will become smaller, mushy and will eventually stall and gain the weight back.

From what we have read how soy and artificial sweeteners affect fat loss and overall health, Stay away from protein shakes or ANY food like this. I have been approached by them all and trust me when I say that I have truly found the best one. 

A doctor in our town tried to get me to sell Visalus and when I said I could not because of the soy and sucralose. He asked me what sucralose is. When I explained, he said that it didn't matter because people were losing weight and he was making money and I could too.

It really broke my heart that a doctor was more concerned with making money.

Advocare is another one that has artificial sweetener and I have had 1 client hospitalized from colon blockage and 1 from tachycardia (rapid heart rate/beat) from their Spark drink. So really do your research before you jump on things like this. 

Also please do not publicly talk down these companies' products now that you know this information.

I do not promote that at all and only share this in private with clients or with anyone who asks my opinion.