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The Health Spectrum
We want to talk about the performance of health continuum.  One of the things that happens with health and fitness information is we get confused about what to do because we forget what our goals are.  So we will read the research, reports about a study that shows a benefit, but we don’t always understand who the subjects were in those studies.  Were they athletes and on the performance end of the continual or were they obese people looking for health benefits, or were they people who were looking for body composition benefits?  We need to understand that because whether or not something is going to be useful is going to depend on your goals. 

Looking at the health part of the continuum:  You can take just about any off the shelf health and fitness advice, for example, eat Cheerios instead of Froot Loops, eat at home instead of eating out, etc.  and you are going to get some health benefits.  That is why you see claims like, eat Cheerios and you will lower your cholesterol.  This is true, especially if you go from eating fast food to Cheerios.  However, eating Cheerios for breakfast is not optimal.   But if you are someone simply seeking out to be healthier, then a healthy eating program would fit this need and probably work for you.

If you are someone who is looking for fat loss, you are someone ready to take your health to the next level. So a fat loss program is a healthy program, but more of an optimal healthy program.  If you can optimize body composition, you are going to be healthier in the long run.   What I mean by optimizing body composition is decreasing fat and increasing muscle mass.  In fat loss, you have to learn to adjust your approach because what might be healthy, might not help with fat loss. 
  If you move into the Performance area, now you are operating in the athletic realm and acting differently.  
For health end, you can decrease those non-fiber carbs, increase fruits and veggies and you will see a lot of health benefits and possibly fat loss.  You follow a strict blueprint and stick to it.

When you go into fat loss, we know that we must decrease carbs and increase fruits and veggies, but we also know that increasing protein and exercise is needed to help with fat loss.  What is going to help your body burn fat is going to be different than others.  For example, let’s say your friend did Weight Watchers or Atkins and had great results, but you didn’t.  It is because we are all different and we must be able to adjust our approach to fat loss. This blueprint has to be flexible and allow for adjusting.

When we get into performance, we now need to see that carbs are important to increase performance.  People tend to get stuck between performance and fat loss because what happens is endurance athletes start to get into the thinking they can eat whatever carbs they want.  Then because they are operating this way, they can’t lose fat.   What they need to do is learn to manipulate their carbs just as those seeking fat loss must.  This blueprint requires a lot of adjusting.  We will be learning about carb tipping in this program.

What you do, what you eat and how you exercise is going to be different from having a goal of health, fat, and performance.  There is an overlap with these, but it is wrong thinking that if you are doing athletic type things you are going to have a great physique.

The number one thing you want to do for performance is exercise and fueling exercise.

The number one thing you want to do for fat loss is nutrition and letting your body fuel you.

Important mindset that we need to understand.  As you go through this program, find where you are on this spectrum and what do I hope to achieve.