This is going to be one of the MOST important things you learn so please take time to read this and if you have not already,  be sure to read this article I posted on the forum 

We are going to talk about what is the biggest impact on fat storage for men (especially men low in testosterone) and women, and especially for women who have had hysterectomies, PCOS, or are headed or going through menopause where estrogen and progesterone are suppressed, extra impacts of insulin and stress hormones. 

What kind of items are we referring to when we say fat and non-fiber carbs aka starchy carbs?

French Fries, Bagel w/cream cheese, Candy bars, potato chips, pizza, burgers, and any kind of high-fat food combined with high starch foods. 

These are foods we tend to like a lot! 

Women a lot of times don’t necessarily gravitate towards these foods as much as men do, but women must still watch out for this. 

Men tend to like to munch on chips/dip/sometimes beer endlessly, while women will eat bread and butter or bagel and cream cheese; also munch on potato chips and of course chocolate! 

These foods also happen to be some of the highest calorie foods as well. Although we don’t focus so much on calories, they do matter when you are consuming these items.

These things are the worst possible combination of foods for fat loss. 

This is important to understand also when you choose foods for your cheat meal. 

Those of you going into EMEM will be allowed a free meal each week so you don’t want to go too crazy out of control.   For example either go very high fat or very high carb rather than high in both. 

One of the things that really gets women in trouble is ice cream.

(men it isn’t great for you either, but this seems to affect women more) Statistics show that women tend to choose ice cream as their comfort food, but it is so full of fat and carbs that it elicits a very profound hormonal response that leads to fat storage.

Now, here is the science behind this because I want you to understand how this all works. 

We have the hormone insulin, but we have other hormones such as the hormone called ASP that is a powerful stimulator of fat gain and it is released by fat. 

Insulin is primarily released by carbs but when you add fat on top of that, you get even more release, then you get the ASP release so you have created a fat-storing atomic bomb.

 This is why it is important not to mix fat and non-fiber carbs together.   This does not mean you cannot ever have ice cream or burgers, what is important to understand is how to manipulate this.

Let’s say you go to a co-workers get together and they have brought all the food with a lot of not so good stuff. 

What do you go for first?  It is always better to go for the fat first like cheese, cold cuts, meatballs, sausages, olives.   If that isn’t available then go for the lower fat options that are higher in carbs like pasta salad. 

Stay away from pigs in the blanket, donuts, cookies, cakes because those things are going to be what really triggers this fat storage bomb. 

So, access what you can eat.  So you have fat, carbs and a combination of both. Go for fat first, or just go for the carbs, but avoid the foods that combine both.  

If you look at diets like the Atkins diet which is basically all fat and no carbs, and the vegan diet where very low in fat and high in carbs, you see health benefits in both. 

The reason being that one avoids the carbs and one avoids the fat so they are not combining the fat/carbs together.   So they have shown success is people because they are not making the atomic fat-storing bomb, but are they sustainable for a lifetime?

So bottom line, when you are faced with not so good choices…..first go for the fat, eat a burger without the bun, fried chicken without skin, eat the toppings of a pizza and not the crust, sausage egg and cheese biscuit without the biscuit.

The second choice is low fat and chooses just the carbs, like pasta primavera, whole-grain toast plain, wheat cereal with skim milk.

If you are faced with a high-fat thing like cheesecake or ice cream, then really do a serving size and just have a few small bites of it.

Fat carbs should be avoided at all times except with your reward meal, but again, if you are not having results, you might re-evaluate your reward meal and go for all fat or all carbs for that as well.

We also need to learn about another negative combination and that is alcohol combined with fat and carbs.

Alcohol turns both fat and high carbs against you.  

So if you do choose to drink alcohol it is vital you avoid fat and starch with it. 

AND here is the science behind this:  When you metabolize alcohol you make a compound called acetate.

 Both fat and sugar are broken down to this same compound.  When the body sees a lot of acetate coming in from both the alcohol and the fat and sugar, then the body says oh we got enough of this so let’s stop burning fat and sugar and puts a halt on fat burning.

If you are going to do alcohol, drink it with protein and fiber and consider the alcohol as taking the place of the fat and starch. 

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