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Bio Feedback Tools
There are plenty of programs out there that can cause weight loss, but that weight may or may not be actual fat.

We are going to learn how to develop a female fat loss formula for your body.  How do you find it? Let’s walk through how to begin thinking about food, measuring your bio-feedback tools, and measuring your fat loss.

Bio-Feedback tools consist of:

How Hungry You Feel from meal to meal

Your Cravings from day to day (how many a day? What kinds of foods?)

What are your energy levels like? (stable? High then Crash, low level)

This is called HEC (Hunger, Energy, Cravings) and this formula will help determine what is going on with your hormones. (estrogen, progesterone, insulin, testosterone, cortisol) 

When your hormones are balanced, you will not feel hunger, will not have cravings and your energy will be stable)  If one is out of balance, consider them all out of balance.

The problem with diets is you are always feeling hungry (deprived), you are always getting cravings and your energy is up and down.  It is this battle of will against physiology.
Once a week you are going to be measuring yourself. The best day to measure is on a Friday morning before you have had anything to eat or drink.   Make sure you do your measure at the same exact time and day each week for more accurate results.   When you get your results, it will clearly tell you if you gained fat, lost fat or lost weight.

If you lost weight and not inches, then chances are you lost water weight (which isn’t always a bad thing) or muscle which is a bad thing. 

If your HEC stays balanced the whole week and these are your results:

If you lost fat your first week – Keep doing what you are doing.  Some are tempted to step it up and workout harder, eat less, etc in hopes of speeding up the process, but that can actually throw you out of balance HEC and get you off track.  If it isn’t broke don’t fix it!

If you lost weight or had no change- lower carbs more (or if you had them super low, add a few in as it is possible to go to low and throw off your balance), increase protein and fiber.

If you gained fat- Ask yourself, have I been compliant and following the program? If you are, time to cut carbs even further and of course increase fiber and protein.
Now, what if you have not been able to get your HEC balanced?

You are hungry, craving and energy is unstable following the program?

If you lost fat even so- Although it is great you still lost inches, it isn’t sustainable to do this unstable. So time to increase protein and fiber.

If you lost weight or no change:  raise protein and fiber again, but also look at the carbs and see if you are still eating too many or too little.

If you have gained fat- decrease carbs again and pay attention to your fat intake.  Make sure you are getting a lot of protein and fiber.
This is going to be your process to figure out your formula.  It will take a lot of adjusting and tweaking and key in moving forward in this fat loss journey.